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Facade Decoration of Styrofoam and Fiber Elements

Facade Decoration of Styrofoam and Fiber Elements, Made in Bulgaria
Decorative Ornaments - Cornices, Facade Profiles, Window Sills, Friezes

Unique Exterior and Interior Solutions!

PS Designers Ltd. has been active on the market for 7 years with an established quality of Styrofoam and Fiber products for facade decoration. The opportunities for decorating your house, hotel, place of entertainment, and interiors are limitless. It depends only on your imagination and your dreams! PS Designers Ltd. produces architectural facade profiles and edges, friezes, keystones, arches, columns, capitals, bases, decorative quoins, siding, ornaments, and many more, all with polymer cement base coating. The material PS Designers Ltd. uses for the production of architectural decorative shapes is known by different names: expanded polystyrene, EPS, Styrofoam, and foam.

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Facade Decoration - Promotions

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NEW! Interesting Facts about Styrofoam

The new PS Designers Ltd. coating of facade decoration guarantees strength and superior durability. View details here ...


Interesting Facts About Styrofoam ...

Facade decoration and design solutions

профили стиропор

Styrofoam Profiles

PS Designers Ltd. is a Bulgarian manufacturer of EPS / XPS facade decoration – crown moldings, cornice moldings, window surrounds, sills, columns, arches, ornaments, and custom designed items.
3D визуализации

3D Visualizations

We create 3D visualization of decorated facades and interior spaces, EPS suspended ceilings, and columns; 3D visualization of facades with ornamental decoration; 3D visualization of custom designed decoration.
рекламни решения

Advertising Solutions

Advertising solutions from expanded polystyrene and fiber. Styrofoam signs, letters, and logos of stores, offices, restaurants, and places of entertainment. Standard and non-standard expanded polystyrene packaging.
реставриране сгради

Restoration of Buildings

Renovation and restoration of old buildings and 3D visualization of their architectural decoration. Selection of an appropriate decorative coating depending on customer needs.
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    Exterior decorative ornaments styrofoam
    - cornices, window sills and baseboards, rustic key stones
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    Interior Decorative items made of Styrofoam
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    Columns of polystyrene cladding for columns
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    Capital of Styrofoam - Columns
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    Bases Column Styrofoam - Columns
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    decorations for shops and exhibitions

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    Renovation and Insulation
    Restoration of buildings
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    Packs of EPS - expanded polystyrene